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About Morgan

Morgan Somers is an entrepreneur and mindset development coach with a gift for teaching her clients how the brain works, particularly the subconscious mind and its role in creating lives of fulfillment, joy and impact. Her superpower lies in her ability to explain concepts that seem abstract, unrealistic, preposterous, or a little too “out there” in a familiar vernacular that her clients are used to so the principles make perfect sense and become powerful tools the client can capitalize on. She helps her clients identify, deconstruct and dispel limiting subconscious beliefs and reset the brain. Morgan’s approach applies concepts, skills and tools that enable her clients uplevel their personal and professional lives, improve relationships and become better parents.

See what people are saying:

Michele Walker

I met Morgan 3 years ago through an essential oils class. Little did I know what a huge impact she was going to make on my life! Not only did she teach me about oils and starting my business, but she has helped me to master my mind set. She has celebrated my wins with me, and encouraged, motivated, and supported me through my challenges and struggles. She mentors in such a positive way, that even when I get discouraged she’s able help me to see that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too!

Amanda Radosti

Morgan has been so helpful with her mentoring in that she pointed me in a direction I knew I was already going to but wasn’t sure how to get there. Morgan took the time to learn who I am, without any judgements, and helped me find how to live each day with purpose. My own coaching to my mentees has improved dramatically. I love Morgan’s approach with everyone!

Sherrill Moody

Morgan Somers has been an integral part of my business development. I faced the mindset challenges of most new entrepreneurs. I was too salesie and did the tasks with low success beliefs. With Morgan’s detailed direction, I found answers to each question that came along, gained important mindset skills, and had quality support through her mentoring. Because of Morgan Somers, I went from flinging mud on the walls to building a business with a concrete direct market sales team of over 400.

Lani Axman

I met Morgan about seven years ago while she was briefly living in the Phoenix area. Right away I felt her beautiful, pure soul. It’s a really good thing (and probably not a coincidence) that we stayed in touch after she moved away. In 2014, Morgan’s spiritual gifts helped save my life. Literally. Her words, her keen ability to know exactly what to say to me and exactly what I needed to say out loud to myself… changed everything. To this day she is still changing my life. We had a coaching session on Thursday morning, and toward the end I said, “Morgan, do you have any idea how good you are?!” She rose from the ashes herself, and she gets how it feels to be stuck and miserable. If you feel stuck, if you need help changing course, if you’re depressed, if you own a business you want to take to the next level, if you’re a simply a human being… you need Morgan. If I could afford it, I would hire her to coach every person I know. She really is that good.

Kari Cummins

Morgan Somers pours her heart and soul into everything she does, and what she does is make people feel amazing about themselves and their goals. She helps point out your strengths without ever criticizing your weaknesses. When you are done talking to Morgan you always walk away feeling like your best self and like you have so much to offer the world. Morgan’s mentorship has strengthened me in ways I never even knew I needed strengthening. She’s gently nudged me to greater heights and helped me to conquer fears and get out of my comfort zone, all without ever making me feel lonely or scared, just loved and supported. Anyone who is lucky enough to be friends with or work with Morgan is lucky enough. She is always dedicated to serving others and helping them reach their goals whether you’re wanting to work on personal development or entrepreneurial development, all while coming up with great strategies to help you accomplish them and be your truest most empowered self.

Laura Wasson

Morgan randomly came into my life nearly 4 years ago at a doTERRA event that I saw advertised at the library.  I knew no one at that class, but decided I needed doTERRA in my life; Little did I know that Morgan would become such an integral part of my personal growth and business growth.  For years I had suffered from major depressive disorder and had an insane fear of failure and rejection, so I made choices accordingly (such as dreaming of a doTERRA business, but being too scared to really put myself out there.)  In addition, my dad was terminally ill, and I was not ready to cope/deal with losing my best friend.  Morgan showed up in my life with the perfect support and coaching… some days it is tough love, some days it is a big huge bear hug.  She taught me to master my mindset; taught me to value myself; taught me business skills. Most of all she believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself!!  She always knows what fears I’m facing and what doubts I have without me having to say it… She has coached me through fears and doubts I didn’t even know I had until that was the topic of our session!

She always meets me right where I am and has a solution to conquer whatever challenge I am facing whether it be business or personal.  I don’t even remember many of our conversations following my dad’s death (life was a blur for a few months), but Morgan was there every week mentoring me through the grief and not letting depression defeat me.  I recently relocated across the country away from my family and friends and everything else “comfortable.”  Had it not been for Morgan’s mentorship over the past three years, I would not have had the confidence and tenacity to make this major move to create the life I want and the life I know I am capable of having.  I honestly don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Morgan’s coaching/mentoring/ counseling/friendship.  I’m here to tell y’all, if she can help me, she can help anyone!!! (But go ahead and buy your box of tissues.  Morgan makes you cry… in a good way.)


“Holy s*** it’s working!”

“It’s already working after the first class!”

“I’m a huge fan of anything Morgan teaches! She has helped me tremendously with my SUPER strong willed little boy.

“We feel wonderful improvements in our relationships with our kids since your course.”

“Morgan is so positive and helpful. She really helps you look at things in a different way and helps you create a path to attain your dreams and goals.”

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