Perfectionism is Blasphemy

I’m gonna just say it. Perfectionism is blasphemous. It goes well beyond being damaging to you. Being perfect is NOT your job. It’s not your job. It’s also not possible, and I don’t just mean it’s out of reach because it’s too hard. I mean that perfectionism is not attained based on your decisions so no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t possibly approach it.

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You ARE Enough!

Yesterday there was a conversation at church about hardship and the difficulty of the road to heaven. There was also mention of the colloquialism “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

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Programming for Happiness

The most miraculous thing happened twice in the last 2 days! Effortless happiness for no reason came over me!
Some background: until my early 20’s, I lived in a chronic state of depression. I literally didn’t know anything else. I put a negative spin on everything. I was scared of life. My inner voice was a total bully–super mean and nasty.

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Doing the Work

I received a writing/meditating assignment to work through this week and I want to show you what it looks like to do the work of getting over your limiting beliefs, blocks, victimhood, etc. This is unedited, unorganized, off the top of my heart kind of stuff. I’m not perfecting this or organizing it for you–it’s exactly as it flowed out of me and onto the page.

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Money is Your Birthright

The money struggle, y’all. It’s real. And it’s not the natural order of things. It’s a construct of our own making based on the beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind that inform our thoughts which dictate our feelings which determine our vibration which makes us an energetic match for whatever we are experiencing.

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Results Pyramid

If you never take a look at another personal development concept, let this be the one you adopt, take ownership of, and build on. This idea alone will change your life. I know it’s changed mine!

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Vibration’s Role in Creating

I’ve taught for years about a myriad of tools you can use to get into the right mindset to create what you want. I teach about clearing out the clutter. I teach about being intentional with your thoughts. I teach about creating the feelings you want to have in your life.

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Seasonal Depression

I wrote a while ago about stepping into your potential and rising up to become your best self; that you were made for so much more than you think you are. Sometimes that feels like so much pressure! So I want to balance that by sharing my thoughts on giving yourself grace.

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Creating Your Reality

Money is a huge part of my journey and story. Money problems ran my life for so many years. It was painful and defeating and hard (boy, was it hard) and miserable. I felt like no matter how hard my husband and I worked to make ends meet, there were still 3 places that needed every penny.

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When You Get the Lazies

I’ve had months where my morning routine has been in the toilet. I’ve had inspirational writer’s block. I’ve felt disconnected from the divine. I’ve felt lost, in a fog, confused, directionless, unmotivated. I have been playing small even when I ache to play big. My head hasn’t been able to get in the game. I’ve had seasons of “I just don’t wanna!”

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One of the things that is causing you the most grief and stress is trying to control everything. You’re trying to control people, events, experiences, how you get treated, the opportunities you get, the things you fear, the things that might cause you pain.

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The Lie: You’re The Only One

You wanna know one of the biggest lies our psyche tells us? That you’re alone. You’re the only one going through what you’re going through, the only one who sucks as much as you suck, the only one as broken as you are, the only one who can’t handle the challenges of your life, the only one who falls as short as you fall.

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Fear of Failure

You weren’t born knowing how to walk. You had to learn. By failing. By falling. your first attempts at stepping towards your greatness are going to be failures. You’re going to fall on your face. You’re going to get goose eggs, scraped knees, and stubbed toes. And that’s OKAY!

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