These group courses are a powerful and economical way to get started with Morgan Somers Coaching.


More people today than ever before are riddled with negative thinking and struggling to know their worth and feel joy in their life. We’ve lost the skills to choose our thoughts and emotions and it’s limiting our ability to create a life we enjoy and find fulfilling. This course teaches concepts, principles, skills, and tools to be Happy on Purpose because that is your birthright!

For years, I heard people say “you just decide” in response to questions about how people got their goals. There is SO much to “deciding” that they neglected to mention. It’s all explained here in this course. Manifesting Magic is all about how to become an energetic match for receiving and allowing so your goals and dreams can come in with ease. You do the practical work and the inner work, but leave the hustle and struggle behind.

We are seeing a whole lot of kids these days who have BIG emotions! They know what they want and they pursue it with absolute tenacity! But, wow, are they ever hard to parent! This course teaches you how to get on the same team as your little ones so you can work together towards common goals with more compassion, patience, and success!

How do you feel during the holiday season? Does family stress you out? Do you get overwhelmed by the endless items on your to-do list? Do your kids drive you crazy cooped up in the house? Is there not enough time? Not enough money? This package is designed to honor your time while giving you powerful tools and aligning your mindset with a peaceful holiday season so you can get more done with less effort, less stress, and less anxiety.

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