Fear of Failure


What are you so scared of, sister? Why are you hiding? Why do you keep playing small? What causes you to shrink from the things in you that are bursting to be set free?

Fear of failure. That’s the one I hear most often. Show me the person who lives the life you want to live who hasn’t failed. She doesn’t exist. It’s not possible. You weren’t born knowing how to walk. You had to learn. By failing. By falling. You didn’t innately know how to read. You had to learn. You had to get it wrong 100 times before you got it right. But you didn’t quit and you didn’t not try. Why? Because FAILING IS LIVING! If you don’t fail, you are playing it so safe that you aren’t growing, you aren’t becoming. You’re leaving potential untapped. 

So much of the depression people feel, especially teens, is coming from feeling empty. You know why you feel empty? Because you’re so damn afraid to fail that you won’t try so you don’t live. 

Stop. It. 

Accept the fact that your first attempts at stepping towards your greatness are going to be failures. You’re going to fall on your face. You’re going to get goose eggs, scraped knees, and stubbed toes. And guess what. That’s OKAY! Courage isn’t the absence of fear–it’s feeling the fear and doing what scares you anyway. It’s being willing to pick yourself up after you fall and try again. And again. And again. And again. Until you get it right. The journey is what shapes you and molds you and builds the power you desire to feel. 

Stop hiding. Stop playing small. Stop worrying that you’ll fail. You will. Don’t let that stop you. Your success is waiting for you and you can’t afford to avoid it any more. Your purpose, the one you were put on this earth to fulfill because YOU are the one who was given the gifts, the talents, and the ability to do it best. 

- Morgan

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