Handling the Holidays


The holidays are a challenging time for many of us. We’re left feeling like we’re just not enough. There are a lot of familial, neighborly, religious, and/or community expectations. It’s hard to meet them all. There are a lot of extra expenses that come up that bring with them stress for many people. The to-do list is never ending. There are places to be, people to visit, trips to plan, things to shop for, food to make, family relationships to navigate, parties to plan and to attend. Am I stressing you out yet?


This service is specially designed to honor your time because I know how busy you are! But it’s also going to fill your cup to overflowing. There are no groups to plug into, no workbooks to worth through. You’ll get daily inspiration texted right to your phone to keep you feeling powerful, clear-headed, and like you totally have it together so you can experience the holiday season the way you’ve always dream of!


The content you’ll receive will help you:

Handle the stress and chaos of the holidays

Love yourself through the process

Quell the overwhelm

Remind you that you are enough

Implement time management pointers

Bring in super high vibes and optimism

Learn how to think through the struggle

See how it could be easy

Reframe the failures

Maintain perspective

Develop anxiety busters

Handle family expectations, boundaries, and choose the story


This service will run from December 2nd through December 20th and will include:

  • Daily texts of inspiration, affirmations, or principles for overcoming the struggles
  • Weekly recorded power calls (30 minutes or less) that give you tools to
    handle the holidays with grace and ease (because it does get to be easy!)
  • 3 recorded meditations to calm your heart and mind and
    remind you that you are enough and that you've got this.

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