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Receive, Allow, & Manifest

For years, I heard people say “you just decide” in response to questions about how people got their goals. It used to make me so mad! If deciding was all there was too it, you would have met all your goals 847 times by now, am I right??

“You just decide” is so not a helpful answer for people who are struggling to get where they’re trying to go in life.

There is SO much to “deciding” that they neglected to mention.

What they mean when they say “you just decide” is that you change your mindset, you change your energy, you change your emotions, and you change your way of being as you move through life in pursuit of what you desire. 

Sounds like a tall order, right?

How do you just change all that??

It took me a lot of years, a lot of tears, a lot of failed attempts, a lot of research, and a lot of soul searching, but I have found some keys that are incredibly helpful that no one is really explaining.

It’s all explained here in this course. Manifesting Magic is all about how to become an energetic match for receiving and allowing so your goals and dreams can come in with ease. You do the practical work and the inner work, but leave the hustle and struggle behind, because one of the biggest secrets is that manifesting works best when you’re having FUN, when you’re relaxed, when you’re in play mode.

Are you ready to finally have FUN welcoming your dreams into your reality?

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