Money is Your Birthright


The money struggle, y’all. It’s real. And it’s not the natural order of things. It’s a construct of our own making based on the beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind that inform our thoughts which dictate our feelings which determine our vibration which makes us an energetic match for whatever we are experiencing.

The truth is that abundance and overflow are our birthright. We are worthy and deserving of earning money, having money, saving money, spending money, and receiving money. Just as there is oxygen enough for us to breathe, water enough for us to drink, food enough to feed the world, there is money enough for everyone. It’s our beliefs about any of these things that limit them. That’s IT. 

Now, the me of 5 years ago and more would have quickly told you exactly just where you could shove it for suggesting that I was creating my financial suffering. I was doing everything in my power to change that dynamic and it wasn’t working, so don’t tell ME I’m creating this mess! Seriously, it would have me in tears to listen to the concepts about manifesting that declared I was creating it because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out HOW to uncreate it! WHAT were they doing that I wasn’t?? What were they doing differently? Why was I cursed to live below the poverty line while others seemed to easily be able to afford their bills, home ownership, decent cars, travel, opportunity for their kids to develop their gifts and talents, family trips, all the things? It was baffling and so painful. Something I said often was “We do everything we’re supposed to do; we do everything God asks of us, but things just don’t work out for us. Why doesn’t God bless us like he does other people? Aren’t we worthy? Aren’t we deserving? Don’t we do our part?”

YES, we were and are worthy. YES we were and are deserving. YES we did and do our part.

The problem was that we had beliefs about how money worked that were creating thoughts about how hard and elusive money was, which created feelings of fear, doubt, and scarcity, which made us an energetic match for poverty and our actions were colored with the expectation that things would be hard and wouldn’t work out, so they DIDN’T! Try as I might to make the money come in and to make money work out for us, I wasn’t an energetic match for the abundance and ease I so desperately wanted.

I eventually did find the missing pieces of the puzzle. It’s all about the vibe! Now I implement tools and strategies and discipline that DOES make me an energetic match for money, so we have a MUCH better money story and experience these days. 

But there are seasons when it lapses; where we hit new levels, freak out, sink back down, and have to rise again. Or when the old beliefs get triggered anew and we have to work through them again. Or when I just get tired and neglect to be intentional with my thoughts and habits and that allows old patterns to resurface.

It’s still never like it was. We’re never out of food. We’re never below the poverty line. We never can’t afford to clothe our kids. When the energy drops, we just don’t have as much wiggle room as we’d like. We hit a point in the occasional hard months where we just can’t do any more things until the next influx of money, but we KNOW the next influx is coming and that we’ll be okay.

Here’s the thing though…..

I want more. I want an even better story than what we have. I want more abundance. I want more opportunity. I want ZERO money stress. I want freedom to say yes to whatever comes our way that we are interested in doing. I want to have NO hard months. I want to have money to save, money to spend, money to invest, and money to give. THIS is the natural order of things. THIS is what we are each worthy and deserving of. THIS is what it means to be divinely made.

So I continuously find the old stories and write new ones to take their place so that I can uproot the old beliefs and replace them with ones that will cause the thoughts and feelings that create the vibration that makes me an energetic match for the things I want in life. 

It is super important to me that others learn how to put an end to their money struggles too. No one should have to live that life and that struggle. It’s the WORST! Fixing it is all about concepts and tools, sister. Abundance is your birthright. I’m going to be teaching all of this in my course from July 1st-5th.  You can sign up here!

- Morgan

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