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Strong-Willed Kids


Get on the same team!

So many kids today run on such high emotions! When they’re happy, their laughter and exuberance reach every corner of the house. When they’re not happy….. Oh, they make sure everyone in the house knows it! Emotions rule their lives. They respond to everything emotionally long before they respond intellectually or thoughtfully. They feel everything in a BIG way. 

As parents of these kids, the challenge is to figure out how to honor the child’s gifts and develop their strengths (aka not squash the child’s spirit) while also helping them gain the tools and skills they’ll need to successfully navigate life from a place of self-control and intentional decision-making.

No small task!

Having 2 of these tenacious, strong-willed kids myself, I have tried all the methods that came naturally to me, all the methods I learned in the acquisition of my human development bachelor’s degree, and all the methods I learned from heaven and from non-mainstream thinkers. 

I taught a mini course a few months ago and the feedback has been AMAZING! Families are feeling so much more connected, on the same team, and successful as they navigate life. 

After the first call I started hearing the good stuff coming in!

“Holy s*** it’s working!”

“It’s already working after the first class!”

“I’m a huge fan of anything Morgan teaches! She has helped me

tremendously with my SUPER strong willed little boy.”

“We feel wonderful improvements in our relationships with our kids since your course.”

This group course is going to teach you all the things that have actually WORKED with my kiddos, and that are also working with other people’s kiddos, because I’ll tell you what, it’s not the stuff that was in the textbooks at university or in the parenting books on the shelves at Barnes and Noble! These kids need something completely different. 

They need to learn to self-govern.

They need to learn what their emotions are about.

They need to learn how to manage their emotions.

They need to learn how to choose their thoughts.

They need to learn ALL about energy.

They need to learn to THINK before they act!

They need to take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings,

and ultimately, for the life they are creating, even from a very young age.

They need to learn how capable and powerful they are, but to exercise

their power within boundaries that work for the whole family.

They need to learn to receive love AND to receive criticism and correction healthfully.

They need to learn that they are here to change the world, but that requires discipline and personal responsibility.

They need to learn that they are NOT victims of their life!

They need to learn to see their greatness and step into it with intention!

I’m going to teach you how to do all these things and more in 3 weeks starting in November.

The course includes:

5 live modules

2 Q&A sessions

A digital workbook

A VIP Facebook group for ongoing support

Everything will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to it all!

Enrollment opens on October 19th and closes on November 2nd,

but you’ll get $50 off if you enroll before October 26th!

The course begins on November 4th and will conclude on November 21st.

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