Perfectionism is Blasphemy


I’m gonna just say it. Perfectionism is blasphemous. 

It goes well beyond being damaging to you. Being perfect is NOT your job. 

It’s not your job. 

It’s also not possible, and I don’t just mean it’s out of reach because it’s too hard. I mean that perfectionism is not attained based on your decisions so no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t possibly approach it.

It’s not. your. job.

Imperfections are a defining characteristic of the human experience. We have imperfect beliefs, imperfect knowledge, imperfect understanding, imperfect teeth, imperfect expectations, imperfect relationships, imperfect boobs, imperfect thoughts, imperfect bank accounts, asymmetrical body parts, imperfect jobs, imperfect children, imperfect houses…. In short, nearly everything in our lives is measurably and objectively imperfect.

And it’s not your fault.

And you alone can’t fix it no matter how hard you try.

Because here’s how this works:

We are in a state of separation from God. That makes perfection impossible. And you can’t change it.

We are in these mortal bodies having a human experience. That makes perfection impossible. And you can’t change it.

Lastly, it’s not your job to rectify the gap between where we are in our imperfection and the perfection that is required to return to God. It is the purpose and mission of Christ to provide that intercession. To think that YOU can bridge that gap under your own power by your own choices is blasphemous. To do so would take glory from God and Christ in an attempt to reallocate it to yourself. 

I know that’s no one’s intention, but it’s time to get our intention correct and in alignment with our ACTUAL purpose and mission. 

The purpose and mission of this life, in a nutshell, is to grow. It’s through our own becoming that we draw nearer to God. It’s through exercising the creative power that He has gifted to us to design our lives that we draw nearer to Him.

So stop striving for perfection. It’s not your job. You are enough right now. What you give the world is enough. You already qualify for the intercessory blessings of the Savior to take force in your life. You just do. You qualify for blessings because you do. Not because you did enough good stuff. Just because you are His. You are royalty. Every gift you desire is your birthright because you are His. And you can’t change that.

So receive. Receive it ALL. He wants to give it to you, but you have to allow it and believe it in order to see the opportunities to take action on. That’s your part. You take inspired action, KNOWING that you get to have it all. God does the rest. Don’t make it any more complicated than that.

- Morgan

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