Results Pyramid


If you never take a look at another personal development concept, let this be the one you adopt, take ownership of, and build on. This idea alone will change your life. I know it’s changed mine!

This is a concept I call the results pyramid.

At the bottom of this pyramid, we have Experiences. They’re in the past, there’s no changing what happened, they’re fixed.

Next we have Circumstances. These can be changed but it’s usually a dang lot of work to do so. You can move to a new house, buy a new car, get a new job, get married, get divorced, change schools, you name it. It’s totally possible to change any of these things, but it takes a lot of effort and heavy lifting to do so. 

On top of circumstances, we have Thoughts. Our experiences and circumstances bring up thoughts–we write a story about how things are, how they were, and how we expect them to be.

These thoughts trigger Emotions that match the story.

Next we have Actions. Our thoughts and our feelings inform our actions. We do what we do because of what we think and what we feel.

On the same plane as actions, we have Vibration. Vibration colors our actions. It sets the tone. It’s the energy or way of being we have as we take action. It can change things dramatically. For example, two people could come to you and say the exact same words: “I recently tried this new product that I absolutely love and I immediately thought of you because you care about health. Would you like to try it?” If the energy feels clean and good, you might say yes! But if it feels desperate or pushy or manipulative, you’ll say no. They didn’t DO anything different–they just FELT different. People don’t know what you’re thinking or what you’re feeling but they absolutely feel your energy.

Our actions and our way of being when we execute them determine our results. Results are what we use to measure whether we’re on the right track.

Most of the time, people will teach you that if you want different results, you need to change your actions. But this is the hard way and it fails more often than not. Trying to change your actions by sheer strength of will causes a lot of self-sabotage and inner conflict. You still have subconscious programming in the way you think and feel that is fighting against the new actions you’re trying to take, telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t do the thing.

But if you go deeper and work on changing your thoughts and feelings, and work the vibration, then your actions start to just flow seamlessly in a new way based on the new programming that is making new thoughts and feeling impact your energy and causing you to take different actions, or take action in a different way. New results come in with so much more ease!

Okay, great, thanks! That’s a great concept, but HOW do I put this to use? How do I change my thoughts and my emotions and my vibration?

I have a mountain of tools for this, but the single most impactful and simple way is to ask yourself, “If the thing I desire occurred one minute ago, how would I feel right now? What would I think? What would I do?”

Play it out in your mind. Really FEEL the feelings! Make it as vivid in your heart and mind as you can! And do this as often as you possibly can. I’ve been building up to more and more often–before I get up, while I’m in the shower, while I’m driving, while I do chores, while I eat–any time I have mental downtime, I’m getting into the feeling of the thing I desire having happened one minute ago.

This is how you create a life you love! I’m convinced that this is also a remedy for anxiety and depression. Try it for a month and let me know how it goes!

- Morgan

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