The Lie: You're the Only One


You wanna know one of the biggest lies our psyche tells us? That you’re alone. You’re the only one going through what you’re going through, the only one who sucks as much as you suck, the only one as broken as you are, the only one who can’t handle the challenges of your life, the only one who falls as short as you fall. 


Do you notice how often one of your friends posts about her struggles or the DAY she just had, how crazy her kids are driving her, how guilty she feels for feeding her kids crap or letting them sit in front of the TV all week? And then what do the comments say? 

“Same, girl!” 

“I feel you!” 

“Oh, girl, I so know!”

“Oh, dude. Let me just tell you!”

“You are not alone!”

Did you catch that last one especially? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You’re not. We are not a super creative species when it comes to how we respond to fear, discomfort, resistance to growth, or the threat of getting outside our comfort zones. 

Do you want to know the actual catalyst? It’s the brain’s way of neutralizing the threat of needing to create new programming. 

You see, the brain is in charge of processing upwards of 2 billion bits of information per second. That is SO much information! Anytime we contemplate venturing into the unknown, whether that’s learning a new skill, launching a new business, parenting differently, writing your first book, or thinking of yourself differently, your brain resists. Your brain is concerned with efficiency, so running as much as possible on autopilot is the preferred method for managing information. If you are trying to make changes in your life that your brain doesn’t have the programming for, it brings up feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety, any kind of negative self-talk it can to keep you in the zone of operating within existing programming. If you suffer for it, so be it. 

So your job as the owner and commander of your brain is to challenge the existing programming and cause your brain to engage in creating the new programming needed to get you where you want to go. It’s to get comfortable with the discomfort of growth.

Easier said than done, but there are strategies, tools, and habits that make it soooo much easier and faster! My coaching program is centered around teaching some of the best tools and strategies, and helping you develop them into habits so that you can create your life on purpose and not be a victim of it.

- Morgan

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