Vibration's Role in Creating


I’ve taught for years about a myriad of tools you can use to get into the right mindset to create what you want. I teach about clearing out the clutter. I teach about being intentional with your thoughts. I teach about creating the feelings you want to have in your life. I teach about how those thoughts and feelings create brain programming and how they impact the Reticular Activating System.

But what I haven’t taught is how these things impact your vibration, your energy, your frequency–however you want to term your way of being as you move through your life. 

I didn’t teach them because I just recently connected the dots and put the pieces together in a way I could explain.

So let’s chat about it, shall we? Because I LOVE this stuff and it makes SUCH a difference in what we create!

So to start at the beginning, what is vibration?

Everything–every cell, every atom, every object, every sound, every emotion–has a vibrational frequency. This is physics 101. 

Things that vibrate slowly feel heavy, are darker, are unhealthy. Our bodies function best when our cells are vibrating more quickly. Emotions like gratitude, abundance, happiness, amusement, exuberance, and love have higher vibrations than sadness, anxiety, fear, distrust, loneliness, and grief. Light has a higher vibration than darkness. Disease has a slow vibration. Health vibrates quickly.

The vibration that is true to us, to humans, to life, is HIGH. As we experience life, as we encounter slower vibrations, as we hold onto negative emotions and store them in our bodies, our vibration slows. Or we choose to forgive constantly, we choose to see the good in everything, and we choose to love freely and we maintain our high vibration.

Here’s why this matters: Vibration is the attraction point of the results we experience.

If the vibration we put out is positive and high, we are an energetic match for results that are positive and high. If the vibration we put out is heavy and in scarcity and fearful and negative, we are an energetic match for results of the same. It’s a vicious cycle if you’re on the lower vibe end of the spectrum, a beautiful life of abundance if you’re on the high vibe end.

So how do we control and manage our vibration? 

Emotion is the ticket here.

How you feel directly dictates your vibration. Emotion tunes the frequency to whatever you are focusing on. This is WHY thoughts and emotions matter. What you think determines your emotions and emotions determine the vibration. The vibration colors every step and every action you take. 

This is why one person might do all the right actions and still be broke while her next door neighbor can do all the exact same actions and have absolute abundance on every level. The vibration brings it in. 

As you feel the feelings of having the thing you desire persistently, consistently, and continuously, especially when it looks like it’s not going to work out, the thing you desire has no choice but to appear in your reality. This is Law of Attraction.

The question to ask yourself to get into this space is:

“If the thing I desire happened/arrived one minute ago, how would I feel? What would I think? What would I do?”

Ask yourself this question repeatedly throughout your day. Every time you have mental downtime–while you drive, shower, wash dishes, before you get out of bed, as you’re falling asleep, while you walk the dog, as you eat breakfast–ask yourself the question. And really FEEL the feelings! Get excited! Jump up and down or dance if that’s your style. Act as if it’s already happening and tell yourself “it’s working, it’s working, it’s working!”

And while you’re waiting for the thing you desire to show up in your reality, enjoy spending more of your time feeling GOOD! 

- Morgan

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