When You Get the Lazies


I’ve had months where my morning routine has been in the toilet. I’ve had inspirational writer’s block. I’ve felt disconnected from the divine. I’ve felt lost, in a fog, confused, directionless, unmotivated. I have been playing small even when I ache to play big. My head hasn’t been able to get in the game. I’ve had seasons of “I just don’t wanna!”

It happens to all of us. You’re not alone.

I talk a lot about personal responsibility and taking ownership of what you’re creating in your life, whether it’s on purpose or subconsciously. I crack down on and bring awareness to the ways we are unintentionally creating the exact thing we don’t want. The only way to change things is to become aware of them. I stick it to ya sometimes and invite you (sometimes not-so-gently) to do more, be more, grow more, and shine without abandon.

But there’s balance to be had in this and I think it’s important that we bring awareness to that too. The temptation is to read some of the things I post that call you to action and to then tell yourself “I keep falling short, I keep messing up, I’ll never get there, I’ll never be enough, I play too small, I hide, my fear is too great, I suck.”

It is never my intention that my attempts to draw your greatness out of you causes you to shrink further, so I want to make sure you have a solid understanding of what to do in those times when you know you aren’t living up to your potential. 

Give yourself grace!

There are seasons to everything. Sometimes you will be ON FIRE, getting after it, playing BIG, doing all the things. And then you might hit a wall and life slows way down and doing what you want to do, being who you want to be, and having what you want to have seems so out of reach. You have big dreams but you just feel blocked. You feel apathetic, lazy, unmotivated, and out of sorts. 

In those moments and seasons, it does you no good to beat yourself up, to berate yourself, to tell yourself how miserably short you’re falling. That only serves to keep you in the pattern of suckiness. 

Instead, accept that where you’re at right now is how it is, understand that there is still opportunity knocking, and rededicate yourself to your greatness. Get curious about what is holding you back but don’t spend time lamenting the loss of the past. Start today and pick yourself up if you can. Take those first new steps forward. Don’t look back at what you’ve lost or missed out on. Look into the future at all that awaits your creative touch. 

You might fall again tomorrow. You might fall again in an hour. That’s okay. You only go backwards if you get into the negativity of regret, guilt, shame, or negative self-talk. Start where you are, and choose again. You might choose to take action now or you might realize that you need a little more time where you are. Either way, be “on purpose” about it.

- Morgan

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