You ARE Enough!


Yesterday there was a conversation at church about hardship and the difficulty of the road to heaven. There was also mention of the colloquialism “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” 

That phrase kills me. It was mentioned as a scripture but if you look for that passage in your copy, you won’t find it. That’s not what The Book says. God ABSOLUTELY gives us more than we can handle, because being unable to handle life encourages us to lean on Him and to remember that it is not through OUR power that we are saved or perfected, but only in, through, and by the power of Christ.

The whole lesson was difficult for me because it carried this tone of “we’re not enough. We’re falling short too often. We aren’t trying hard enough. We aren’t doing enough. Life is supposed to be hard.” 

This is a common theme in all of society, I feel, and it’s breaking people! It needs to stop! The work I do is often around helping people re-learn that they ARE enough, that they are worthy, that they are lovable, that they are divine, that they are doing so much better than they think they are! 

So often, people will tell me that they prayed for something, but then they’ll tell me that the opportunity showed up and they assumed it must be for someone else. They feel unworthy to accept it and receive it; they tell themselves that someone else must need it more. They believe that they must do it all (because, you know, God doesn’t give more than you can handle 🙄), and that if they don’t or can’t, they aren’t enough and they aren’t worthy of divine blessings or of good things happening to them. 

My friends, my heart is breaking over this kind of thinking and believing. 💔 Literally, the reason this is a written post and isn’t a Facebook Live is because I wouldn’t be able to get through it. 😭 

Do you have any idea how amazing you are??? Do you know how ENOUGH you are? Do you know that you are loved? Do you know that you are admired? Do you know that you MATTER? You are irreplaceable and unmatchable. Yes, YOU!

You are lacking nothing to qualify for blessings, for divine approval, for God’s love, for people’s love. Receive. It IS for you. It is ALL for you. And it doesn’t have to feel hard. 

In fact, let’s talk about that for a minute, because I’ll bet it’s throwing many of you for a loop! “What do you mean, ‘it doesn’t have to be hard?’ Have you SEEN my life!? It’s totally hard! There’s no way it could be easier!”

I get it. I said it to myself for years too! But here’s the thing. It’s hard when you BELIEVE it’s supposed to be. It’s hard when you don’t allow help and support. It’s hard when you tell yourself that no one shows up for you and things don’t work out for you. When fear and doubt dominate your mental downtime, of course life feels hard! 

When I say is doesn’t have to feel hard, I mean it doesn’t have to FEEL hard even when it IS hard. This is obtained when you lean in to what you are divinely called to do instead of what you think you are obligated to do, what you are expected to do, what you “should” do. It’s obtained when you FEEL as though everything is working our for you instead of feeling like nothing’s working out for you. it’s obtained by choosing to really see all the ways things are falling in your favor and being so grateful for them instead of seeing all the ways things are falling apart and focusing on those things. Both things are happening in your life–some things are working out and some things aren’t. You create your happiness in life by what you choose to focus on. What are the thoughts you have when you aren’t trying to think? Where do you let your mind wander? Control THIS piece and it will change your reality. Promise. 

- Morgan

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